Work Related Injuries

The most common work related injuries are strains or sprains to the back and neck, and injuries caused from repetitive motions. These work related injuries typically happen when lifting heavy objects, improper lifting, poor posture while using a computer, and bending down. Injuries can happen in any work environment, and should first be appropriately reported to your employer. Once your injury has been properly diagnosed allow our Chiropractic Care to get you back to your normal self.
Many of the work related injuries we treat can be treated with out hospitalization, surgery, or any type of medication. Using our gentle chiropractic techniques, as well as other forms of natural healing, We will provide you with a permanent solution to the pain caused by your work related injury.

One of the biggest mistakes after a work related injury is to return back to the same working conditions without a thorough understanding of why the injury happened in the first place. We will provide you with a complete wellness plan to keep you working at your maximum potential, while also limiting the chances you suffer another similar injury.
If you or someone you know has recently suffered a work related injury, call today and schedule a full examination.