When an impact happens and the head is suddenly jolted back and forth beyond the regular range of motion, whiplash is likely to occur. When the ligaments and muscles that support the head and spine are forced beyond the normal range, tearing and overstretching can happen leaving the neck feeling stiff and sore. Whiplash can also cause bulged disks and the Vertebrae to move out of position. Even in a “low impact” accident whiplash can occur, and in some cases low impact accidents can leave the victim with a more intense case of whiplash.

Common Whiplash Symptoms

Neck Pain
Lower Back Pain
Shoulder Pain

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after an auto accident, call today! Chiropractic care has helped millions of people overcome their whiplash injuries, and live free of the chronic pain often associated with whiplash. We will use a blend of chiropractic treatments and adjustments to keep you pain free and eliminate your whiplash symtoms.